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Back office integration

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Business analytics

Key financial data analysis and reporting per games, tables, bet types, countries and other criteria.

Player analytics

Individual player profiles, including all statistic and assessment history for everyone participating in games.

Integrity monitoring

Stay on top of your games integrity results, by observing the standard deviation analytics and shuffle quality analysis.

Ticketing system

End-user friendly ticketing system that allows to easy request specific player`s analysis and get notification as soon as analysis is completed.

Reporting and analysis

Player reporting and analysis


Casino Back Office Solutions

​Back office services that help you to increase the speed and efficiency of information gathering and analysis. By having the key financial data, each department can find the requested information related to their needs.

  • Top winners' data by dates and game types

  • Player profile - including detailed player betting and historical analysis statistic

  • Business intelligence reporting

  • Integrity analytics

  • Ticket system 

  • Daily player activity and winnings tracking 

  • Multi-level user management

  • Development of extra functions upon requests

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