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Individual solutions that suits yourself and your organization.

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Business intelligence analysis

Important insights from our BI reports and dashboards

Fraud and risk managment

Outsourced 24/7 risk and fraud team.

Back office solutions

All services under end user friendly BO.

Business intelligence analysis

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Analysis of unsatisfactory financial results

Monitoring and analysis of under performing games and bet types. Data based explanation of the results.

Promotion analysis

To stay competitive, brands and games providers have to keep up with attractive promotions. While the most of the attention is spent on how to attract more clients to the products, often fraud side is left forgotten.  Live Fraud Solutions helps to analyse the planned promotions and create new ones by keeping the risks of abuse controlled.

Table limits management

Different table limits will definitely attract different type of players. Regardless of the clients targets Live Fraud Solutions  helps to set up the most efficient limits to achieve the expected result. 

New and current game analysis

Live Fraud Solutions help to keep the game risks controlled during the times of innovative games in both RNG and Live Dealer segment.

Fraud and risk management
Outsourced fraud and risk department

All of the processes related to Risk and Fraud will be handled by LFS team with a 24/7 support.

Protection from advantage players

Live top winning and suspicious players analysis to avoid financial and reputation damage from advantage players and cheaters.

Full fraud task takeover

Consultations, financial results analytics, integrity analysis, pre-live games.

Ticket solving

Efficient ticket system allows to be on top of all trends and changes. End-user friendly ticketing system helps to easy observe all fraud and risk related requests.

Back office

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Business analytics

Key financial data analysis and reporting per games, tables, bet types, countries and other criteria.

Player analytics

Individual player profiles, including all statistic and assessment history for everyone participating in games.

Integrity monitoring

Stay on top of your games integrity results, by observing the standard deviation analytics and shuffle quality analysis.

Ticketing system

End-user friendly ticketing system that allows to easy request specific player`s analysis and get notification as soon as analysis is completed.

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