Services for Live Dealer Casino providers

Business intelligence analysis

o    BI infrastructure development
o    Analysis of financial results (game types, bet types, studios)
o    Table limits management and analysis
o    Table limit`s set up by player`s purchasing power and table occupancy to increase the turnover for each table
o    Casino promotions rules management and results analysis
o    Currencies exchange rates monitoring
o    Monthly GGR and Margin analysis
o    Visualized financial reporting
o    Currency analysis
o    New and current games analysis

Integrity analysis



o    Roulette wheels integrity analysis
o    Quantitative mathematical statistical data analysis
o    Shuffle execution quality analysis and procedures management
o    Online casino full audit and improvement implementation of operational staff procedures (equipment storage, CCTV placement, game leading and error solving procedures

Fraud and Risk managment

o   Full takeover of fraud related tasks

o   Ticket solving

o    Your own outsourced fraud and risk department

o    Protection against all possible advantage play methods

Players analysis through the tools to detect fraudulent activity

o    Card counters

o    Bonus abusers/Opposite betting

o    Shuffle trackers

o    Roulette predictors

o    Roulette dealers’ signature
o    Robot play
o    Collusion

Fraud assessment reports



o    High winners’ reports
o    Fraud player reports
o    Regular player reports / Client related tickets handling
o    Reports including the calculations of the probability of the actual result achieved

Our own developed Back office integration




All of above in one place

o    Player statistics and assessment reports

o    Business analytics

o    ​o    Checked / Reported player summary

o    Integrity

o    Ticketing system



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