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LFS has signed partnership agreement with Amber Studios

Live Fraud Solutions have signed a partnership agreement with Amber Studios.

Amber-Studios CTO Andris Zunda: "Live Fraud Solutions precise lobby, table and limit analysis as well as right recommendations helped us to significantly increase our clients' Turnover and GGR. Monthly game margin analysis keeps us on track with all required reports at the same time saving our money as in-house BI team is not required."

LFS CEO Toms Andersons: "Amber Studios is a very strong player on the market so I'm glad, that support and the right procedure recommendations of our team will even stronger market position of Amber Studios.

Thanks to Amber Studios we are making our first steps into the Asian market. I believe it is going to be a very valuable experience for us as a company and I am confident that we are going to add an additional value to the Amber Studios".

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