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Preventing Fraud
the Intelligent Way

Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional Fraud Prevention and Risk Analysis Services in the Online Casino Industry

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About Us

At Live Fraud Solutions, we specialize in optimizing and protecting online casino products. With a team of industry professionals boasting multiple years of experience, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service.

Our mission is simple: to help increase their ROI, ensure protection against fraudulent activities, and optimize their overall service.

Services for Live Dealer Providers and Operators


Players Analysis

Identify player behavior, prevent cheating, and analyze high winners' activities


Business Analytics

Optimize operations with comprehensive financial analysis


Game Procedures

Improve player experience with expert advisory and equipment integrity analysis


Ensure fair play through standard deviation calculations and shuffle quality analysis

Games Integrity Analysis


Games RTP Monitoring

Real-time financial results analysis to enhance game performance


New Games Pre-Live Consultations

Advise and protect against advantage play before game launches

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