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Our services supports full cycle of the clients products. Starting with pre-live games analysis and all the way with players, integrity and financial results analysis when the game is live.

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Players Analysis

Players betting pattern analysis and reporting. 

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Equipment integrity

Equipment analysis.


Business intelligence analysis

Important insights from our BI reports and dashboards.


Games performance

Games integrity and RTP monitoring, testing and analysis.

Player analysis

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Advantage Play

Legal way of gaining mathematical advantage over the house


Illegal way of gaining mathematical advantage over the house

Step One

Gaming data of the players betting patterns is analyzed and automatized tools sends lists of the players that match certain criteria. Each of the criteria is targeted to specific advantage play or cheating method.

Step Two

Fraud analysts inspect the betting pattern and other available data to detect suspicious players game-play.

Step Three

Player is assessed as advantage player, cheater or regular based on the player game-play and betting patterns.

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Business analytics and financial analysis for providers and operators

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Analysis of unsatisfactory financial results

Monitoring and analysis of under performing games and bet types. Data based explanation of the results.

Promotion analysis

To stay competitive, brands and games providers have to keep up with attractive promotions. While the most of the attention is spent on how to attract more clients to the products, often fraud side is left forgotten.  Live Fraud Solutions helps to analyses the planned promotions and create new ones by keeping the risks of abuse controlled.

Table limits management

Different table limits will definitely attract different type of players. Regardless of the clients targets Live Fraud Solutions  helps to set up the most efficient limits to achieve the expected result. 

New and current game analysis

Live Fraud Solutions help to keep the game risks controlled during the times of innovative games in both RNG and Live Dealer segment.


Reporting and analysis

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Player reporting and analysis

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Integrity analysis of game procedures, equipment and integrity analysis

Shuffle procedures and analysis

Correct shuffle procedure will minimize the risk and maximize the efficiency. Helping to find the best shuffle procedure based on the game and goals. LFS team is here to help with new game launches as well as improving the existing game shuffle procedures.

Games standard deviation

As we love to say - data never lie.  By making our long term games result analysis we will ensure that your games integrity is in satisfactory range.

Procedures consultations

Improvements suggestion and consultations of existing and planned procedures.

Equipment maintanance

Equipment is a important asset of any live dealer games and as a important asset it has to be maintained properly. We consult on the most efficient maintenance procedures.

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